Best IVF Clinic in Mumbai

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An IVF clinic is more correctly named as ART clinic, it is a place where all facilities related to fertility treatment, fertility sonography, IUIIVF & ICSI are available. Couples seeking fertility treatment generally visit Veda Care. ART clinic functions under guidance of Fertility & IVF specialist & embryologist. Best IVF clinic is registered with local authorities under PCPNDT act. IVF clinic in mumbai is having 3 important rooms related to fertility treatment:

Andrology Room – which deals with semen sample, semen analysis, DNA fragmentation, Semen wash for IUI ( intrauterine insemination). It has Compound microscope, Centrifuge, Laminar air flow workstation, semen freezing cryocan.

Ovum Pick up OT – it is a minor OT utilized for oocyte retrieval under anesthesia. It has basic infrastructure of an operation theatre, Boyles anesthesia machine, Suction pump needed for oocyte retrieval, test tube warmer.

Embryology Lab – Co2 incubator, Trigas incubator, Laminar airflow workstation, ICSI – intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Our Infrastructure

Hospital Lab
Best IVF Clinic in Mumbai
IVF Clinic in Mumbai
Best IVF Clinic in Mumbai
Best IVF Clinic in Mumbai
Best IVF Clinic in Mumbai
Best IVF Clinic in Mumbai

Our IVF Specialists

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Dr Sheetal Pandey (Tejwani)

MS, DNB, Fellow Reproductive Medicine

Dr Sheetal Pandey is an IVF & fertility consultant with 12 years experience in the field of Fertility & IVF.

Dr Prakash Tejwani

MS( AIIMS, New Delhi), MCH Urology

Dr Prakash Tejwani is urologist & Andrologist. He treats male fertility related issues & male sexual dysfunction.

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