Fertility Preservation in Mumbai & It's Cost

Fertility preservation is an important innovation helping those who are suffering from diseases like cancer, endometriosis which are known to affect their fertility potential.

Need of Fertility Preservation

Recent evidence demonstrated a negative effect of cancer on spermatogenesis, with a decrease in sperm quality and indices in patients diagnosed with hematologic and testicular cancers

Likewise, the effect of cancer on baseline ovarian function and ovarian response to stimulation for in vitro fertilization (ivf) has been studied with mixed results.Baseline ovarian function and reserve is known to get affected in cancer patients as an effect of chemotherapy.

Hence there is a very important role of fertility preservation treatment in cancer pts so as to help them conceive their biological child post recovery.

In males fertility preservation can be very easily achieved with the help of semen sample freezing.

In female patients fertility preservation is achieved by electively stimulating their ovaries & oocyte retrieval, freezing oocytes or embryos as per the marital status of the lady.

Diseases like endometriosis & cases with low ovarian reserve can also opt for cryopreservation of their oocytes/embryos as per the marital status & can plan embryo transfer once they are prepared for the same.

Cost of Fertility Preservation in Mumbai

In females cost of fertility preservation is similar to IVF cost. Around 1.50 lakhs for procedure & upto 30,000/- rs for yearly maintenance. As similar methods are used such as giving injections for around 10 days growing follicles & doing ovum pick up under anesthesia, the only difference is instead of doing ICSI eggs are directly cryopreserved.

Additional cost burden is involved depending upon how long patients need to preserve their gametes as maintenance of frozen eggs needs maintenance cost.

For male sperm freezing is a very easy & quick alternative & cost effective as well. Cost of freezing a single sperm sample ranges between Rs. 5,000 to 10,000/- where added cost burden comes for the duration of semen samples that need to be frozen. So yearly maintenance generally costs between Rs. 5,000 to 10,000/- 

Duration of Fertility Preservation in Mumbai

Upto 7 years lawfully samples can be frozen where pt needs to do the formalities needed as signing the consent & paying for the maintenance cost.

Though Studies are available – proving that  long term freezing of sperm & eggs has promising results.

Complications of Female Fertility Preservation

Female Fertility Preservation – 

OHSS – ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) – its a common complication in cases of pts who have PCOS( polycystic ovarian syndrome). OHSS is described as primary OHSS where pt symptoms like abdominal bloating & discomfort, nausea , constipation which last max 7 days n resolves on its own, where pt is advised to increase liquids & keep a watch over her urine output. Primary OHSS is generally self limiting. 

There is minimal risk of accidental damage to bowel, bladder, vessels, which is very less likely to happen in routine cases, chances are higher in case of pelvic adhesions, TB, endometriosis & these case the risks are pre determined & necessary corrections are done before proceeding for IVF to avoid risks & complications.

Male Fertility Preservation –

  • Accidental Thawing of Frozen Sample can lead to Poor Quality Sperms.

  • Poor Sperm Survival Post Thaw is possible in extremely Poor Count.