Best Centre for IUI Treatment in Mira Road, Mumbai

IUI, or Intrauterine Insemination, is one of the treatment procedures in fertility treatment with a limited success rate of 15% to 20 %. It is a procedure where sperm are located at once right into a woman’s uterus. This process can increase the chances of pregnancy among couples who are struggling to have a child.

In what condition is IUI Treatment Required?

  • Cervical Factor – means where cervical mucus is hostile for sperms to filter through it to the uterine cavity.

  • Male Factor – Infertility with abnormal semen parameters where sperm count should be at least 10 million/ml for IUI treatment.

  • Cases with Sexual Dysfunction – Where the normal coital activity is not possible either because of male or female factors.

  • Elective Freezing of Semen Samples – It is done where a male partner stays away from home next to his job-related commitments, where electively frozen semen samples can be used to carry out IUI.

  • Donor IUI – In cases with male factor azoospermia (zero sperm count), selected donor sperm can be used for insemination through the IUI procedure.

Procedure of IUI Treatment in Mira Road, Mumbai

Controlled ovarian stimulation (COH) is done after a complete workup for both male & female partners.

IUI Cost in Mira Road, Mumbai

IUI procedure generally costs around Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000 per attempt, including semen wash – insemination – injections.

Investigations needed for IUI Treatment

  • Female partner – FSH, LH, TSH, Prolactin to evaluate oocyte quality & AMH for oocyte reserve.

  • HSG – tubal patency testing is mandatory before performing IUI.

  • Semen analysis – where sperm count should be at least 10 million/ml & above.

COH is done with help of oral ovulogens & growth of follicles supported with injection gonadotropins ( FSH & LH) with the intention to superovulate mature oocytes.

Using antagonist injection in IUI is optional, it is known to control premature LH surge specially in PCOS pts which is known to enhance IUI success rate.

Once follicles are mature final injection to trigger ovulation is given which is commonly HCG 10,000 IU injection, in selected cases inj GnRH agonist is used to trigger ovulation.

Post ovulation trigger injection iui is best performed within 36 to 42 hrs to enhance chances of success.

Single versus double IUI – there is no proven evidence that double IUI works better than single IUI if applied to all cases, except few selected cases where e/o delayed ovulation, low sperm count is found.

Luteal phase support (LPS) – It is a must in cases of superovulation. 

Progesterone oral or vaginal tablets are given for luteal phase support.

Post IUI precautions – There are as such no restrictions on physical activity or travel required post-IUI. There is no role of any specific dietary changes needed. Couples can have sexual activity post-IUI.

15 days post-IUI patients can check for a urine pregnancy test unless menses arrive


1. Success Rate of IUI Treatment in Mira Road, Mumbai?

IUI procedure has a limited success rate of around 15 %

2. In which Case IUI is Indicated?

Cervical factor ( where cervical mucus is hostile for sperms), male factor (infertility with abnormal semen parameters), Cases with sexual dysfunction (where normal coital activity is not possible either because of male or female factor.)

3. Minimum Sperm Count for doing IUI?

The sperm count should be at least 10 million/ml for IUI treatment.

4. Is Single IUI or Double IUI better?

Cases of multiple follicles releasing at separate timings, low sperm count, and donor IUI are the cases where double IUI is better than single, though the same is not true in every case.

5. Why are IUI Results Low?

Most of the fertility cases have fertilization failure as the prime cause & IUI is unable to help Fertilisation hence IUI results are significantly lesser than IVF treatment where assisted fertilization by ICSI increases fertilization rate & success rate.