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      Veda Care is an esteemed clinic focusing on Diagnostics, Fertility, and Pregnancy, as well as Women’s Health. Being one of the best IVF centres in Mira Road, we are equipped with ultra-modern equipment and the latest technology to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and ensure the most effective outcomes.

      One of the crucial characteristics of our IVF hospital is to provide hope to every couple that wants to have a child using the latest technology in medicine, which is the most minimally invasive. At Veda Care, we provide all of the available fertility treatments including IVF, IUI, ICSI, Laparoscopic, Embryo Transfer, and Gynecological services in Mira Road. At Veda Fertility and Urology Clinic, we are determined to eliminate or treat the issue that prevents couples from becoming parents.

      With over thousands of successful and affordable IVF treatments in Mira Road at Veda Care, along with state-of-the-art equipment & treatment, we promote an environment of comprehensiveness. Teamwork, dedication, and high ethical standards are the basis of our success story. We promote & execute the highest levels of transparency between the patients & doctors. This results in the development of trust. Furthermore, we pledge to be your best support and companion in your journey of parenthood.

      Why Choose Veda Care as Your IVF Centre in Mira Road

      50% Off On First Consultation

      World-Class Infrastructure & Technology

      Veda Care is equipped with Best in Class Infrastructure and Labs in the industry. We follow international guidelines to ensure high-quality fertility treatments

      12 Years of Expertise & Experience

      Veda care has a team of experts, experienced in various reproductive medicine and technologies

      Excellent Success Rate

      Veda Care has the highest success rate for IVF/IUI/ICSI Treatment in Mira Road by one of the Best lady IVF Doctors in Mira-Bhayandar

      Fair and Transparent Pricing

      Veda Care provides the Most Affordable & Low-Cost IVF Treatment without compromising on the quality of our services, that’s why we are known as the Best IVF Hospital/Centre in Mira Road

      Tailor-Made Treatment

      We offer Personalized Treatment that perfectly matches your goals of treatment complications with early intervention.

      Best IVF Centre Near you

      Veda Care is among the esteemed Fertility Treatment Centers, Visit Us to Get 50% off on your first consultation in Mira-Bhayandar

      Veda Care Fertility Treatments

      Male infertility & female infertility or a combination of both is affecting millions of people in the present times.


      IVF is a procedure where oocytes (eggs) & sperms are incubated in a petri dish with the intent to fertilize.


      IUI is a procedure where a semen sample after washing in nutrient media is inseminated in the female partner’s uterine cavity, timing it with oocyte released in her body.


      ICSI is a procedure where single sperm is injected into the cytoplasm of one oocyte.

      Embryo Freezing & Transfer

      This is a procedure where embryos formed after fertilization are cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen so as to transfer them when the female partner’s womb is ready.

      Donor Egg & Donor Sperm

      Donor eggs or sperm is used only in those cases where its quality or quantity is poor & cannot form healthy embryos to give pregnancy.

      Fertility Enhancing Laparoscopic Surgery in mumbai

      It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure done on the female partner to correct any genital organ- uterus, ovary, or fallopian tube-related diseases, so as to restore fertility potential.

      Fertility Preservation in mumbai
      Fertility Preservation

      It is advised for both male & female patients who have less egg/sperm numbers or are under cancer treatment, to save their gametes for future fertility.

      Image of Gynecological services

      It is a field of medicine related to treating female genital organ-related disorders.

      Image of Urology services

      It is a field related to treating both male & female patients having issues with the urinary tract including infection, stone, cancer, etc.



      Veda Care for fertility and urology services has emerged as one of the most promising IVF centre in Mira-bhayandar, Mumbai providing world-class IVF Treatment with a high success rate and ethical practices. Veda Care is one of the Best IVF Centre in Mira Road and is also known for its targeted tailor-made treatment case-to-case basis, focussing on individual cases with a personalized touch under the guidance of Dr. Sheetal Pandey & her team of embryologists & andrologists. Paramedical & ground staff at Veda Care Fertility are well coordinated. Veda Care is the Best IVF Hospital in Mira Road, Mumbai which is also known for its transparency in treatment & cost factors. High standards infrastructure for IVF & associated facilities with excellent quality instruments add to its treatment & result. Veda Care is also affiliated with third parties for EMIs in health services treatment.

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      Dr. Sheetal Pandey

      Dr. Sheetal Pandey (Tejwani)  has done her master’s in gynecology from the prestigious BJ Medical College Pune & Diplomate of the national board from New Delhi. The doctor has received her super-specialty training in Fertility & IVF, advanced Embryology from various reputed institutes across the country.


      IVF Treatment Starting At As Low As ₹ 75,000/-* EMI Facility Available.

      50% Off On First Consultation

      General Patient Query

      1. Which is the best IVF hospital in Mira Road?

      Veda Care is among the preferred choice of IVF Clinic in Mira Road due to its high success rate with ethical practices. What makes Veda Care stand apart as the best IVF Centre in Mira Road is its focused tailor-made treatment based on individual cases with a personalized touch under the guidance of the best IVF doctors.

      2. Is IVF a very painful procedure?

      Not anymore, advanced injections with the thinnest needles & a low volume of drugs have reduced the pain during IVF procedure significantly.

      3. Does a baby conceived by IUI or IVF have increased chances of abnormality?

      It is a complete myth that a baby conceived via IVF or IUI has the same genetic make as conceived naturally, treatment & injections do not increase the risk of any abnormality.

      4. Injections used for fertility treatment lead to an increased risk of cancer?

      No, the injections used in IUI or IVF have no increased risk of any genital tumor or cancer in any manner.

      5. After conception via IVF does the patient always require IVF?

      Except for certain conditions, not all patients will always need to require IVF for a second child.

      6. Does IVF conception need 9 months of bed rest?

      No, not all pregnancies conceived through IVF need bed rest except high-risk cases with bleeding & weak uterus need it.

      7. Can a lady do household work after IVF?

      After embryo transfer, women do not require bed rest but need to avoid traveling though. She can do light household work like cooking.

      IVF Treatment starting from as low as ₹ 75,000/-* with 0% Interest EMI Facility available.

      50% Off on First Consultation