Embryo Freezing & It's Cost in Mumbai

Embryo freezing is a procedure where embryos at various stages are frozen with help of specially designed media for the same & preserved in liquid nitrogen at -196 degree on various devices like straws, loops as per the choice of embryologist.

In the present era, media available for freezing are excellent enough for a high survival rate post freezing.

There are no side effects or long term sequelae detected over years in babies born out of frozen embryos transfer cycles. Embryo freezing is done with freezing media which contains cryoprotectants intra & extra cellular.

Cost of Embryo Freezing in Mumbai

Cost of embryo freezing is Rs.35,000/- minimum depending upon number, stage of embryo,cryo devices used.

Complications of Embryo Freezing

  • Loss of embryo at the time of freezing & thawing is a rare though possible complication of this procedure.

  • Accidental thawing – accidental thawing may occur leading to spoilage of embryo not fit to transfer anymore in cases of inadequate liquid nitrogen refill.

  • Embryo intracytoplasmic crystallisation or collapse of embryo are procedure related complications that affect embryos potential to implant though these complications have become very rare with advanced media & methods of freezing & thawing.


1. What is Embryo Cryopreservation?

Embryo cryopreservation is the process of freezing and storing extra embryos. The embryos are then thawed and used at a later time. Embryo cryopreservation is a vital part of most IVF treatment programs. 

2. Why is Embryo Cryopreservation done?

There are many reasons a man and woman might choose to freeze and store their embryos:

1. They may feel it is a better option than having the extra embryos destroyed.
2. It can provide another chance to get pregnant if the IVF process fails the first time. The couple will not have to go through IVF again.
3. If the man and woman have a baby, they can use the embryos.
4. The woman can save embryos before she begins treatments, such as for cancer, that might reduce or eliminate her chances of getting pregnant.
5. The embryos could be saved and given to someone else in a donor program.
6. The embryos could be saved and donated for research.

3. How Long can Embryos be stored?

Once they are frozen, the embryos are stored in sealed liquid nitrogen freezers. Embryos can be frozen in liquid nitrogen for many years. It is not known how long embryos can be frozen safely and still be useful. Some countries have set time limits on how long embryos can be stored.

4. How Safe is Embryo Cryopreservation?

Research has shown that freezing and thawing embryos does not harm the baby. Children born from frozen embryos have no greater rate of birth defects or health problems than children born from embryos that were not frozen.

5. Does Embryo Cryopreservation Work?

Many healthy babies have been born from embryos that were frozen and thawed. Some babies have been born from embryos frozen for more than 10 years. IVF programs with good cryopreservation techniques have the same pregnancy rates with fresh and frozen embryos.