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Getting Pregnant With IUI: Everything You Need to Know About IUI

IUI full form in medical term – Intrauterine Insemination 

What is IUI Procedure?

In simple terms, IUI is a kind of fertility treatment offered to couples suffering from infertility.

Who Can Get Benefit from IUI Treatment?

1- Natural cycle failed patient

Couples undergoing fertility treatment can opt for IUI treatment if natural trials with follicles have failed.

2- Unexplained infertility

When the patient has undergone all the fertility treatments and has not found a cause for a couple’s or a woman’s inability to get pregnant.

3- Cervical factor

Couple with infertility & doubtful cervical factor.

4- Sperm count is 10 million and below

Cases where male partner sperm count or motility is on the lower side (count: 5-15 million/ml &  progressive sperms < 35 percent) can opt for IUI as fertility treatment.

5- Insemination of sperm 

A male partner working Abroad can freeze the semen sample at the fertility center for IUI treatment in a later cycle.

6- When the sperm count is nil

Couple with cases of Azoospermia willing for donor semen sample usage.

7- Sexual Dysfunction

Couple with sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation).

Evaluation and Tests

The following are the basic investigations that a gynecologist may recommend before beginning IUI treatment:

1- Female partner’s hormone profile

To determine the quality and quantity of female eggs

2- HSG test

The hysterosalpingogram test is done to check for blockage of fallopian tubes and ensure your fallopian tubes are open to permit sperm to pass.

3- Sperm count of the male partner 

Analyzing semen specimens for infectious diseases and the requirement of adequate sperm count.

For more detailed information about the complete procedure of IUI treatment watch the complete video till the end

Medications to Increase Success Rates

Basic medications are given to women in order to enhance the IUI success rates. Medications help to produce eggs in the woman’s body in a timely manner. You could also be advised to use injectable fertility medications that are more effective in stimulating multiple egg releases. 

Your chances of success with IUI treatment are higher if you have more eggs than normal. Your doctor would discuss the possibility of you taking medication to stimulate your ovaries.

Does the IUI procedure Require Admission?

IUI is done as an OPD procedure requiring around 2-3 hours from semen sample wash to insemination. It generally does not require anesthesia & admission except in exceptional cases. 

Is the IUI procedure Painful?

No, the IUI procedure involves minimal discomfort while insemination, but it is not a painful procedure. 

How Many Cycles of IUI can be Taken?

As such, there is no legal upper limit to this but generally, IUI should be able to produce a result within 3 attempts after that chances of getting success reduce drastically.

What is the cost of the IUI cycle?

IUI cycle involves medications, a minimal dosage of gonadotropin injections, follicle studies, sperm wash & insemination. The total cost of IUI treatment in Mira Road, Mumbai is around Rs. 15,000.

What is the success rate of IUI?

Success rates with IUI vary according to the cause of infertility and the age of the female and male. In most cases, IUI cycles have an optimum success rate ranging from 15% to 25% varying case to case basis. Cases with sexual dysfunction, and cervical factors have a higher success rate.

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